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  • Alameda Jaú, 1754 - 09º andar | Jardim Paulista, São Paulo - SP, 01420-006 | Telefone: + 55 (11) 3995-8160

How we define ourselves:

We exist to mark people’s lives and improve the business routine.

We are the simplification and demystification of accounting processes in Brazil in a consultative, digital and internationalized format.

Values and mission

Corporate outsourcing solutions ideal for international companies in Brazil and Medium or Startups that seek more agility for their internal procedures.

Our sense of existence

Deliver to our customers a different service every day and positively mark the lives of partners, employees, and shareholders. We believe that accounting can make companies much better.

Our mission

Enable people and organizations to have business experiences that are committed to simplicity, making processes more practical in light of the scope of Accounting, Financial, Tax and Payroll services.

Our values

We believe that simpler, healthier corporate experiences require us to be:

We bring to our daily lives a feeling of almost innocent curiosity in its purest and healthiest sense. We know that almost everything in the world is not definitive. We encourage and value acts of researching, asking, exploring, building, testing, validating, experimenting.

Being collaborative is the key to turning mere business relationships into successful relationships. We offer help whenever we can and we ask for it whenever we need it. After all, together we go further.

We are constantly committed to delivering excellent services. In this way, we genuinely and reliably create a bond with our customers that will ensure a healthy relationship and the main purpose of growing.


We understand that the human being is, in essence, different from each other. Therefore, we value, charge and demand relationships of mutual respect, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, color, language, creed, political opinion, nationality or socioeconomic status.

Ethics and transparency are part of who we are, so don’t let conflicts become clashes.

Your moment

to shine has come.

Let’s work together

Working at Bluke is being in an environment where accounting, technology and autonomy transform many people’s lives and businesses.

Designed for Startups and International Companies

A base de nossa proposta de valor é mapear as melhores oportunidades e processos de gestão para clientes internacionais e Startups, identificando tendências e fornecendo soluções inteligentes para qualquer desafio, mercado ou setor.


We have a team of qualified professionals focused on developing your accounting skills.

Designed for Startups and International Companies

We understand international accounting, providing more efficiency for Startups and international companies with business in Brazil.

Full Services

We specialize in accounting, payroll and benefits, tax and tax and financial management services.

Ideal outsourcing

for your company.

Expert for your business

Our specialists can guide your business about the accounting challenges that affect companies in Brazil effectively and personalization.

We understand Brazil

We understand accounting at the international level and can provide a higher level of efficiency for companies looking to operate in Brazil by following good management practices and global operating standards.

Request a call now and talk to one of our specialists.

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