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Personal Department Outsourcing

More breath and transparency for your Human Resources team.

Our specialists can take care of your teams, ensuring compliance with your company’s Payroll routines.

We take care of those who take care of your business.

Atualmente, contar com uma estrutura de Departamento Pessoal de qualidade e alinhada à perspectiva de sucesso do seu negócio é indispensável.

Startup Specialists

We deliver a payroll management structure that specializes in the lean startup model without losing agility and with a robust and effective technological essence.

We speak the language of business

We conduct the payroll of international companies in Brazil, maintaining transparency in all events and ensuring respect for all legal aspects.

Your interface with the Government

We demystified the labor legislation for your company, ensuring compliance with Folha’s routine. So you focus on your business and we take care of your teams.

Payroll and Benefits designed for your employees.

Count on world-class Payroll and Effective management designed to focus on your business.

For those who seek

More efficiency and less effort

We take care of the management of your professionals during all the journeys they live in your company, providing free time for your HR to focus more on new strategies and less on operational ones.

Starting any project in Brazil becomes a complex process when it comes to bureaucracy. It takes expertise and enthusiasm to deal with the labor demands of the Brazilian market when managing your company’s payroll. Having a specialist makes all the difference, and Bluke is the ideal partner to support your business at strategic times.

We breathe innovation and we are stripped just right to understand the model and how to deal with your teams. We are used to helping businesses that have changed the course of our society to grow. Therefore, we contribute to keeping your professionals happy, bringing transparency and quality to your Payroll routines.

We believe in your business, and we want to see the evolution of your company. We can manage the operational demands of your personal department by meeting all labor requirements and guiding your business down the road of labor law. More efficiency and less operational effort to take care of your employees.

No matter the size of the challenge.

We focus on delivering practical and lasting professional results, equipping our customers to grow and lead.

Your company can be a Startup or an internationally operating business. Regardless of your industry, we have the know-how to help your business evolve.

How we do

We've simplified your company's payroll.

Com o apoio de sistemas de alto desempenho, encaramos as rotinas do departamento pessoal com inquietude e um incansável desejo por transformar negócios.

Hiring, Layoffs, and Process

  • Employee Admissions Processing
  • Employee Dismissals
  • CTPS Notes
  • PIS Accreditation
  • Sending payslips
  • Vacation Calculation
  • Termination Calculation
  • Bank Remittances (CNAB)
  • Income Reports
  • Payroll
  • INSS – Labor taxes
  • FGTS – Labor taxes
  • DARF – Labor taxes
  • GRRF – Labor taxes
  • 13th Salary Payroll
  • eSocial

Ancillary Statements

  • DCTF-Web
  • PPRA (intermediation)
  • PCMSO (intermediation)
  • Intermediation NR 17
  • Report income
  • RAIS
  • DIRF


  • Collective Convention Monitoring and Consulting (Union)
  • Trade union framework
  • Benefits Operationalization
  • Electronic Point Sanitation
  • Homologation Tracking

Workflow Tool.

The system that understands your work and interacts with you.

The intelligence used to create the Workflow Tool enables you to create payroll day-to-day workflows with intuitiveness and speed.

More autonomy for your Human Resources team

  • Creation of teams and managers according to organizational structure
  • Possibility of creating different profiles with different access levels
  • View payslips and other payment receipts (vacation, income report, etc.)
  • Workflow Vacation Request at 3 Approval Levels
  • Provision of registration information and reporting
  • View job and salary history
  • Point Mirror Preview
  • Handling of electronic point occurrences
  • HR autonomy in information query and reporting
  • Allows daily tracking of scoring by team manager
  • Web availability of pay stubs and other receipts to employees

Tailored to the size of your challenge.

01. More agility

For each task in the flow there is a specific SLA, and it is possible to identify the root cause of any delays (PDCA).

02. Much quality

Todas as solicitações deverão seguir um fluxo pré estabelecido que garante que todas as etapas sejam de fato cumpridas.

03. Broad follow up

Tracking requests with new tasks received via email.

Have a reliable partner

taking care of your employees.

We work with the brightest minds to deliver amazing results.

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